Donation FAQ's

Q: How do I make a gift to the USS Missouri Memorial Association?
A: The easiest way is to make your gift online. You can also use a credit card to make your gift by phone by calling 808 455-1600 x244.

Or send your donation to:

USS Missouri Memorial Association
Development Department; Annual Fund
63 Cowpens Street
Honolulu, HI 96818-5006

Q: The museum has many members and sells countless admission tickets each year. Does it really need individual contributions, too? 
A: Yes. The cost of operating a Battleship is enormous. Our Philanthropy efforts currently is  focused on our Education Programs (subsidizing educator memberships and financial assistance for school visits), Restoration (we are currently replacing our teak deck) and Preservation (see our Antenna Restoration Fund for an example of a current project: ); private donations play a critical role in enhancing these efforts. 

Q: How are individual donations used? 
A: Individual donations become part of a fund that supports the association’s annual operating budget. Every department —curatorial, engineering, education and operations (IT and computers)—depends on operating funds.

Q: Is my gift tax-deductible?
A: Yes. Donations to the association’s annual operating fund are fully tax-deductible within the limits of the law.

Q: Will I receive any benefits in exchange for my gift?
A: No. Individual donations, which become part of the association’s annual operating fund, are straightforward charitable contributions. No goods, services, or membership benefits are provided in exchange for these gifts.

Note: Gifts of $250 receive a “thank you” Challenge Coin, which is a made from authentic teak from the deck of the USS Missouri’s).

Q: Can I request that my individual donation be used for a particular project?
A: While you can request that your individual contribution be used for a particular project, we ask that you consider making an unrestricted gift. This allows the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc. to put your gift to work where it is most needed.

Please explore projects listed at

Q: Can I make a donation to the association in honor or memory of a loved one?
A: Yes. Our Development Team will mail an acknowledgment of your gift to you, and a notification to the person honored by your gift (or to the family of a person memorialized by your gift). Please include a note describing whom the gift honors or commemorates, and the name and address of the person to be notified. Note: In the online donation section of our site, below the credit card section we call this section “tribute” and provide space for you to make your write up your acknowledgement. 


Q: Can I make a monthly donation to the association—I don’t see this option on your site?
A: Yes. We support these requests by phone. Please call our development team to set up a reoccurring gift. 808 455-1600 x244.


Q: Can I give the association stocks, mutual funds to the association ?
A: Yes. Please contact  our Development Department


Q: What is the EIN Number for the USS Missouri Memorial Association ?
A: Our Tax ID number is EIN: 99-0310903


Q: Can I donate my old computer or printer to the USS Missouri Memorial Association?
A: Yes. Our criteria changes as our goal is not to accept outdated equipment, but rather current equipment. We do not typically accept equipment older than 3 years. We are a PC Microsoft based environment, with about 110 users.


Q: Can I donate my car, truck, boat to the USS Missouri Memorial Association?
A: Yes. Our Development Department will sell the vehicles/boats immediately.


Q: I would like to include the USS Missouri Memorial Association , Inc., in my will. What is the best process to notify the association?  
A: Please contact our Development Department. Our staff will walk you through our preferred gift notification process. We will email or send you the gift notification form. Thank you for thinking of us!


Q: I enjoy fundraising and wonder if the association has any opportunities for volunteers like myself who would like to raise awareness and funding? 
A: We have three current opportunities for 2013:
1. Join our Antenna Restoration Fund team and work with other volunteers and staff to raise awareness world wide and funding. 
2. Join our Annual Support Campaign team and set up a personal website page. This is a flexible and fun way to get involved.
3. Apply to work with our grant team. Strong research and writing skills are required.


Other questions?

 If you have further questions about making a gift to the USS Missouri Memorial Association, please e-mail  or call 808 455-1600 x 244. 



Last updated 2.19.2013




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